Halal Certification by MUI

Halal Certificate MUI

Halal certificate is a written fatwa / official statement from Indonesian Ulama Council (Majelis Ulama Indonesia/MUI) which stated that the products are in accordance with the Islamic Syariat. MUI Halal Certificate is a requirement for obtaining halal labeling on the packaging of the product from government authorities.

Prima Food Solutions Halal Certificate MUI Benefits:

1. Our prima products has the assurance of halalness. This helps to build trust between businesses and consumers, and can also be an important factor in purchasing decisions.

2. Prima products will help in Increasing your market access. The Halal MUI certification is recognized in many Muslim countries around the world, which can provide businesses with increased market access for their products

3. Prima products have improved quality control because the Halal MUI certification process involves a rigorous evaluation of the production process and ingredients used in the product


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