BPOM Certifications

What is BPOM?

BPOM is a national government agency that is responsible for protecting and maintaining public health in Indonesia, through the control as well as supervision of food and drug products that are being sold in the market. The main duty of BPOM is to conduct government duties in things related to drugs along with food control according to the provisions laws and regulations.

BPOM Certification allow Prima Food Solutions to:

1. Our prima products can be marketed and distributed legally in accordance with the applicable regulations in Indonesia

2. Ensure our products comply with the safety and quality regulatory requirements

3. Boost the consumer trust in our products

4. Prima products can be used to increase your marketing value in domestic and International market

You can download one of our BPOM certification for our Butter Croissant. To view the other BPOM certificate products, please contact us at [email protected]


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